Smart Building Telecom Service:  

Building Automation, and more... CCTV, Internet, Access Control, Fiber Optic, TV, Telephone Voip, etc...

Our company creates smart buildings since the planning stage of the project. 
We provide 24/7 Services: Consulting, Installations, Products and Services. Save Energy, Control Lights, Control your Cameras, lights and air condition from your PC or cell phone and much more... !!!
Experience: Our crew has more than 20 years experience creating smart buildings with more than 300 units in South Florida. For example: Murano Grande, Ocean Three, Fontainebleau Hilton Resort and others.

Courtesy Consultation with an expert and Master in Computer Science calling at 1 786-326-9513 

Offices at Bank of America Tower 
900 West 49 St Suite 314  Hialeah Florida 
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FCC CLEC Licensed in US Florida